Weiye the mahogany process plant the Guangdong Foshan tea, one of the professional manufacturers of furniture, set development, design, production and sales as one of the the Professional mahogany furniture production enterprise, has more than 100 kinds of styles.

     Weiye Redwood Technology was established in 1995, After ten years of hard work, we have developed into a considerable production scale, strong design and development capability is strong, well-known enterprises.
     Our products are pear, red sandalwood, green sandalwood, ebony, rosewood, chicken wings and other quality mahogany are imported as raw materials. After the skim through advanced steam drying technology processing, supplemented by the spiritual work of cunning crafted, tenon; every production procedure done meticulous pieces carving lifelike paint decorated with a long history of valuable natural the lacquer........                                                                    [MORE]


Foshan Sanshui Weiye mahogany craft factory

Factory address: No. 172, Foshan City, Guangdong Province Sanshui District Industrial Avenue

Contact person: Mr. Chen

Mobile phone: 13923101096

Fixed: 86-757-87568054     Fax: 86-757-87568939  

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Guangzhou: Fangcun mountain cave stone Lane 9, one of the new enterprise

Contact person: Mr. Xu

Mobile phone: 13316020603

Tel: 86-20-81569619       Fax: 86-20-81563268

Dongguan: Wanjiang Sunshine Coast International Tea City 3, 233 - 235

Fixed: 86-769-21661032


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